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The oak is a symbol of inspiration at the house and gardens, for it is the tiny acorn’s journey to mighty oak that shows how within each of us lies everything we need to reach our full potential and build a better ‘now’.


Seated atop this oak stump sits a red songbird, reminiscent of north American cardinals. These birds are brilliantly red all over with a contrasting black facial mask. This red songbird sits atop this beautiful and highly detailed teapot. Crafted in dishwasher safe ceramic means this charming teapot is perfect for that special occasion or to use every day.


Can be used for your favourite hot beverage or herbal infusion or as a stunning home accent to simply admire and adore.


Dimensions: 20.5 cm L x 14.5 cm W x 19 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: The Americas

Red Songbird & Oak Teapot

48,00£ Standardpreis


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