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Bring the beauty and grace of the world’s finest sailing ships with this magnificent handcrafted model of a Newport Sloop. Emanating elegance and winning spirit, this is perfect inspirational centrepiece for display in your home, office or beach house.


More than a metre tall, this vessel is built with the finest craftsmanship, including construction with the highest quality woods on its delicately curved hull, keel and rudder. Long individual planks are used for building the hull with each plank and wood grain visible through the paint. The yacht is finished with thick, study canvas and detailed rigging.


This scale model yacht comes complete and almost fully assembled. Simply attach the masts and display.


Found everywhere in the house and gardens, the central symbol of Talliston is the ship. It represents the journey of our life’s quest and the idea that with inner belief, we can all achieve extraordinary things. This magical vessel carries all we hold sacred and reminds us to keep alive our inner spirit of adventure always.


Dimensions: 102 cm L x 15.5 cm W x 91.5 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: The Americas

Newport Sloop Model Wooden Yacht

145,00£ Standardpreis


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