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This truly exceptional range of silk scarves is inspired by traditional Asian artworks from The Himalayas (Tibet/Bhutan), Korea, China, Japan and India. Each exquisite printed silk square comes in five incredibly beautiful designs, each in two complementary colourways.


The floral arabesques of the Taj Scarf are adapted from the richly coloured designs that are intricately and profusely inlaid across the marble interior of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. The building’s inlaid patterns are extraordinarily extravagant, incorporating precious stones such as jasper, malachite, amethyst, coral and lapis lazuli from as far as Egypt and Tibet.


Using a striking palette of lustrous black and deep gold, this velvet silk scarf measures a generous 86cm square and is finished with rolled edges.


Dimensions: 86 cm L x 86 cm W

Talliston Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Luxury silk scarf [Taj Edition]



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