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Hand cast and painted, this relic of the Elder God Cthulhu is an original design by an artist living and working in Istanbul. Handmade using clay, concrete and cement, the statue is finished in rust and bronze effect, before a final crowing layer of gold for the skull. Wrapped in cloth marked with signs and sigils, then bound with silvered coins in frayed twine.


Cthulhu is one of the oldest in the Cthulhu myth cycle created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and would look just as striking beside your collection of books of forgotten lore as it would upon an altar in a subterranean temple.


Dimensions: 10.5 cm L x 6 cm W x 18 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: Turkey

Eldritch Cthulhu Relic

125,00£ Standardpreis


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